• Choosing the Right Natural Stone for Your Next Project

    How to sort through the many beautiful, timeless and eco-friendly choices of natural stone.

    Whether you’re a homeowner, interior designer, architect, contractor, developer, kitchen remodeler or a custom home builder, choosing natural stone offers you an incomparable level of versatility and originality as well as the opportunity to create something that cannot be duplicated. Created by nature, natural stone is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

    Virtually every homeowner and trade professionals is aware of the movement toward materials that are eco-friendly. The fact that stone is a naturally occurring element that provides incomparable durability only makes this natural material that much more appealing and sought after.

    The key ... Read more

  • 2016 Flooring Trend: Neutral Tones & Natural Stone

    Exploring the design industry’s affinity for quiet, neutral, natural stone flooring

    Already this year, several design industry trade bloggers and noted designers are leaning in favor of natural stone flooring in calming neutral tones. While natural stone has always been a popular choice for high-end flooring, the design forecast for 2016 points to natural stone flooring with a soft natural look. From contemporary to traditional, warm and earthy natural stone flooring is being seen in an increasing number of published projects. Here’s an example:

    Platinum series

    Available in cream and beige color variations, Platinum Series marble flooring is an industry favorite for virtually any room. Its calm hues exude an ... Read more

  • Why Interior Designers Love Working With Nature Of Marble

    With our exotic collection of natural stones and attentive service, it’s only natural that interior designers love working with Nature of Marble

    At Nature of Marble, our passion for discovering the most exquisite natural stones is only matched by our desire to deliver a superior experience to each and every one of our clients. Our owner, Haas Sweid, travels to the remote corners of the earth to find the rarest and most exotic stones—each one is selected with a meticulous eye for color and quality. Only those stones that meet our high standards are imported directly to our showroom and offered to our clients. Our knowledgeable and professional staff ... Read more

  • We’re Ready to Remodel, But Where Do We Start? We’re Ready to Remodel, But Where Do We Start? on

    While Nature of Marble works directly with interior designers, contractors and installers, we believe homeowners should understand and be involved in the creation of their new home

    A home renovation project can be exciting and a little overwhelming. With some research and organization though, your project can be a satisfying experience. To create the home you want to live in and increase the value of your property, follow these guidelines for a remodeling plan that puts you in the drivers’ seat.

    Set your goals and organize

    • No matter the size of the project, decide what your goal is and be as specific as possible. Primary considerations are design, materials ... Read more
    • Stones For A One Of A Kind Look

      Are you looking for a Quality Stone source?

      Whether you are a contractor, designer, or a home owner, Nature of Marble is here to HELP! We’re offering you the rare opportunity to peruse the largest selection of EXOTIC NATURAL stone in S. Florida on our website or visit our warehouse that is conveniently located in Delray Beach, FL where you can personally select and reserve “your” slab(s). The finished product will bring joy for years to come.

      Beyond the Basics

      For some, the standard hardware store’s products may suffice. Their material is capable of getting the job done, but will not provide an irreplaceable and unique look for your project. Instead ... Read more

    • Marble: A Timeless Stone

      Throughout our travels far and wide, we obsessively seek to deliver to our customers the absolute best stone.  We have learned many things about one stone in particular: marble. From its look, texture, and practicality, marble has many advantages. Last, but not least, marble carries a legacy.

      After you choose a beautiful marble stone from Nature of Marble, you will experience an instant admiration and will be reminded of the long and noble history of marble. With this material in your home, you instinctively become a part of Marble’s history. Marble throughout history represents tradition, luxury, and extraordinary taste. Very few rocks have as many uses as marble. Its beauty allows ... Read more

    • Choosing Granite Countertops

      Granite is a common go-to product for creating a new stunning countertop. This is no surprise because granite can stand up to the busiest of kitchens while offering the ultimate look of luxury. From crystalline grain texture to rich speckles, it is a versatile choice that complements any décor.

      Granite is one of the strongest materials you can choose for your project. This surface is so tough you will have a built in cutting board; though you may need to be careful because granite is so tough you will need to be careful of the damaging the knife! You can put a hot pan on the surface with no repercussions whatsoever. ... Read more

    • From the Earth to Your Home

      “In all things of nature there is something marvelous,” once said the wise Aristotle. The beauty of natural stone surfaces will leave you in awe every day of the magnificence which is Mother Nature. Have you ever thought about the journey which this spectacular piece of nature took to get to us today?

      This long process actually began many years ago beneath the Earth’s surface. Fast forward to today and we can see the process of how this splendor goes from quarries to home surfaces.

      Quarries can be found all over the world and contain a heavy concentration of a physical stone. The process begins with careful planning and consideration of whether ... Read more

    • Having a Front/Backyard renovation?

      Ever consider renovating or redesigning your front or back yard?

      Before starting, you need to pick out the “right” tile. The options are almost endless.  However, your major concerns should be on deciding if you want a man-made or natural stone and the tile’s thickness.

      1. Why does “thickness” matter?

      No matter what material you choose, thickness of the tile must be considered. If you are using a sand set, the best thickness for a tile is 3 centimeters (3 cm).  A thicker tile makes up for the instability of a “sand base”.  Tile that is very thick is referred to as a “paver”. If you choose a thin tile, you increase the ... Read more

    • Have a hard time picking a backsplash?

      You are in the market looking for a countertop, but all the variety of colors and finishes confuses you. You then find our warehouse! With the help of our sales representatives, you found a stone that you absolutely love and want to spend the majority of your life with. Great! So now you got your countertop chosen out, but you need the backsplash. There are several different ways to go when choosing backsplashes.

      What color should I use for the backsplash?

      When picking a color for the backsplash, the best thing to do is to find a color that flows well with your countertop. There are two things you ... Read more