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From the Earth to Your Home


“In all things of nature there is something marvelous,” once said the wise Aristotle. The beauty of natural stone surfaces will leave you in awe every day of the magnificence which is Mother Nature. Have you ever thought about the journey which this spectacular […]

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Choosing Granite Countertops


Granite is a common go-to product for creating a new stunning countertop. This is no surprise because granite can stand up to the busiest of kitchens while offering the ultimate look of luxury. From crystalline grain texture to rich speckles, it is a versatile choice […]

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Marble: A Timeless Stone


Throughout our travels far and wide, we obsessively seek to deliver to our customers the absolute best stone.  We have learned many things about one stone in particular: marble. From its look, texture, and practicality, marble has many advantages. Last, but not least, […]

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Stones For A One Of A Kind Look


Are you looking for a Quality Stone source? Whether you are a contractor, designer, or a home owner, Nature of Marble is here to HELP! We’re offering you the rare opportunity to peruse the largest selection of EXOTIC NATURAL stone in S. Florida on our website […]

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