From the Earth to Your Home

December 16, 2016

“In all things of nature there is something marvelous,” once said the wise Aristotle. The beauty of natural stone surfaces will leave you in awe every day of the magnificence which is Mother Nature. Have you ever thought about the journey which this spectacular piece of nature took to get to us today?

This long process actually began many years ago beneath the Earth’s surface. Fast forward to today and we can see the process of how this splendor goes from quarries to home surfaces.

Quarries can be found all over the world and contain a heavy concentration of a physical stone. The process begins with careful planning and consideration of whether or not the stone found in a particular quarry is suitable quality, after all they had you in mind from the very beginning. Once the planning is completed then the extraction follows. The stone may be extracted through drilling, explosives, torches, drills, cables, and wire cutting. The stone is extracted into blocks. Heavy machinery are used to hoist the blocks of stone to the facility where the stone will be cut further into more manageable pieces. After which they move to a saw that is more like a bread slicer called a gang saw.

The stones are then polished to uncover individual works of art. After they are bundled in a series with stones cut from the same block in sequence. The bundles are shipped to many places around the world to places like Nature of Marble and then shaped into beautiful surfaces for your home.


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