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Styrofoam Las Vegas

Styrofoam is the trademarked term used for thermal insulation manufactured by Dow Chemicals. What several people don’t know is that what they refer to as Styrofoam is just a generic EPS foam. That said, Styrofoam, just like plastics and cotton, is as much part of everyday existence. It is significantly used in making materials such as insulations, smoke detectors, packing materials, plates, and more. The foam is one of the most used items for architects and is regularly used in concrete forms.

How does Styrofoam insulate?  

Most of the composition of Styrofoam is made of air; this makes it a poor conductor of heat, but a great convector. The foam traps the air in small pockets, which blocks the flow of heat energy. And this reduces both convection and conduction of the material, thus making Styrofoam a good insulator. That is why the foam is installed in wall cavities to keep the inside of the building warm – it keeps heat inside the building by trapping the air and reducing the transfer of heat energy.

Benefits of Styrofoam

The foam is lightweight and structured, which is why it is commonly used by several shipping companies. It is one of the lightest packaging materials and the most preferred to protect fragile and sensitive items while in transit. The amount of weight it adds to any package is almost negligible, so it can be handled with ease and also cut shipping cost. 

In addition, Styrofoam comes in different shapes and sizes; it is often the first choice for different types of packages. Plus, you can use it to protect food items in the refrigerator. Also, due to the Styrofoam capacity to resist heat, it can be used in the form of ground flake insulation, sheeted wall insulation, and pipe insulation.

Differences between Styrofoam and EPS

As we said, Styrofoam is a Dow trade and a polystyrene foam made for construction, insulation, packaging, and craft applications. EPS is also available in various densities for construction, craft, insulation application, and many more. Basically, the main difference between both materials, is that Polystyrene is a polymer while Styrofoam is a trademark for EPS.

Is Styrofoam reusable? 

Yes, you can reuse the material, and several companies and individuals have been taking advantage of it. Styrofoam is very easy to reuse. Companies keep a pile of Styrofoam stuffing, stuffing peanuts, and other packaging items when required in the mailrooms. Styrofoam reduces the need to buy expensive packaging materials each time a shipment is made.

For instance, those who sell items on eBay usually keep the Styrofoam from anything they purchase and then use it for packaging the items they sell.

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