History: Onyx has a natural color of translucent white, minute concentrations of chemicals carried by water that drip into the cave in which the stones are formed gives the rock movement and color. This compact sedimentary rock is a limestone that formed by evaporation of cold water containing dissolved calcium leaving a translucent variety of calcite, often in form of stalagmites and stalactites in caves.

Onyx for your Home or Business

With its translucent color light easily passes though onyx, making it perfect to add back-lighting. The light that shines through will show off the brilliant designs nature has created. Onyx is a extremely dense but does lack in bending strength., some examples are:

Onyx Slabs

Onyx Kitchen Counter-top Slabs
Onyx Bathroom Counter-top Slabs
Amazing Interior Wall Cladding Onyx Slabs
Amazing Exterior Wall Cladding Onyx Slabs
Onyx Bar Top Slabs
Large Onyx Back Splash Slabs
Onyx Slabs for Natural Stone Showers

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