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All about American marble

January 1, 2020
American white marble

Marble is the world’s most iconic stones for architecture, art and sculpture. And while you’ve probably heard of Italian marble or Greek marble, you might not know about American marble. In today’s blogpost, we’re looking at the six main varieties of marble, mined right here in the USA.

Creole marble

Creole marble comes from Pickens County in the heart of Georgia. This black and white marble has a distinctive pattern, covered in twisting veins. You can also find Creole marble in blue and white. It’s great for a statement block of stone or grand institution.

Etowah marble

Etowah marble also comes from Pickens County, Georgia. But it couldn’t look more different: Etowah marble has a smooth surface, with soft waves and arcs of color rippling through it. Shades range from a pastel rose to deep salmon pink.

Murphy marble

Murphy marble comes from several counties across Georgia. It’s a classic white marble – and like the other Georgian marble varieties, richly decorated with grains and veins of color.

Sylacauga marble

Sylacauga marble is mined in the state of Alabama. It’s another white marble, with striking, vertical veins of grey or black marking its surface. It’s a beautiful, classic surface, perfect for minimalist designs.

Vermont marble

Vermont marble from Proctor, Vermont, looks quite similar to Sylacauga marble. Vermont has a long history of mining and carving marble – including its own museum about the industry.

Yule marble

Last of all, there’s Yule marble. Yule marble is especially notable because it’s pure white, with no other colors or patterns at all. It’s found in Colorado – near the aptly named town of Marble.

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