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What’s new in Caribbean design?

September 9, 2020

Have you heard about Nature of Marble’s Caribbean connection? We’re proud to supply quality stone slabs and pavers to architects, designers and homeowners in the Caribbean. And, in turn, we find inspiration in Caribbean design. Here’s the latest in Caribbean architecture…

Caribbean design stands out because it’s a mix of so many different styles. And of course, every island in the Caribbean has its own unique history and and culture. From the Spanish Neoclassical buildings of the Bahamas, to the brightly colored Georgian houses of Kingston, Jamaica, there’s endless variety to enjoy.

Modern architects have begun to experiment with indigenous building traditions and materials – such as clay, conch shell mortar, and local timber. But they also have to take the local environment into account. Close by the sea, with frequently violent weather, Caribbean homes have to be ready for anything. We love the modern trend for modular buildings, built low to the ground in natural materials, with wrap-around picture windows and porches.

But even though modern Caribbean architecture has embraced a functional style, that doesn’t mean it’s turned monochrome. Caribbean design still stands out for its bright colors and ornamentation. According to Kreol magazine, the latest generation of designers and architects mix all the different elements of Caribbean history and environment together to create a totally new, sustainable style.

So where does Nature of Marble fit in? With our wide range of natural stone slabs and pavers, we’re at the forefront of the trend for sustainable materials. We focus on light, bright stones which blend in with the environment and help shield form the bright sun. And, when it comes to a splash of color, you can’t beat a semi-precious stone slab or mosaic.

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