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5 new ideas for patio pavers

August 12, 2020

Have you seen our range of pavers, paving stones and slabs? If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 5 elegant and original ideas for paving your patio with style.

#1 Contrasting colors

Flooring doesn’t have to be boring. Try combining different colors across the paving. You could edge the patio in a contrasting color, mark out a central path, or even create a gentle gradient of colors across the space.

#2 Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are very popular in modern design – and they’re soothing to look at, too. Try a classic checkerboard design, tessellated shapes, or expanding circles to fill the paved space. You can complete geometric patterns in contrasting colors, or use the same stone for a more subtle effect.

#3 Offset pavers with gravel fill

Here’s one unique idea that provides texture, contrast and drainage – ideal for patios which are on a level with the rest of the yard. Set large pavers into the ground at regular intervals, with a clear offset space between each one. You can fill the spaces with fine gravel, shale, wood chips or even shells for a beach-cottage look.

#4 Mosaic patterns

Go creative and colorful with a mosaic! You could display a personal emblem, an abstract pattern, or even a written message. Or why not try creating a small, bright mosaic with semi-precious stones, surrounded by classic pavers?

#5 Hidden lighting

Many natural stones look quite different under lighting. With the right lighting, you can higlight the natural veins in marble, bring out the gleam of semi-precious stone, or set off the texture of granite. Choose hidden, low-level lighting under steps or around the edge of the patio for the best effect.

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