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4 ways to use stone slabs in your home renovation

July 29, 2020

We love stone slabs: they’re simple, beautiful, and the perfect way to display natural stone. Here’s how to incorporate slabs of natural stone into interior design.

#1 Put up a statement wall

A slab of natural stone always draws the eye – whether it’s marble, quartz, granite or semi-precious stone. We love this example of a caramel onyx slab, lit from behind so that all of its glowing colors shine through. It’s the perfect backdrop for a bathroom, bedroom or lounge.

#2 A dining table that will last for decades

Bring your family and friends together around a stone dining table. It’s a talking point, a thing of beauty, and it will never wear out. We recently installed this agate Delta dining table on board a luxury yacht: the glowing blue colors are a perfect match for the Florida waves.

#3 An elegant countertop or vanity

Stone countertops are a classic choice – plus they’re durable, hygienic, and can stand up to heat and humidity. Choose granite, marble or quartzite for kitchen islands, countertops, bathroom vanities and consoles

#4 Fireplace accents

Finally, here’s something a little different. If you have a fireplace at the heart of your home, stone slabs are the perfect way to showcase it. We loved this monochrome den design, where the room is held together by contrasting colors and the simplicity of natural stone.

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