Why marble is the best stone for bakers

January 28, 2020
kitchen essentials

What are your kitchen essentials? Forget cast-iron skillets and complicated juicing machines – if you like to bake, then a marble countertop is one of the best investments you can make.

How to use a marble countertop for baking

A marble countertop or slab has two important features: it’s very smooth, and always stays cool. Keeping the temperature low is vital when you’re working with pastry and cookie dough. And if you’ve ever worked with chocolate or fondant, then you know that a rough surface or wrong temperature can ruin all your hard work!

What size should your marble be?

There are lots of options if you want to use marble for your baking. The ideal is a marble countertop: you’ll have plenty of space, and your kitchen will look stunning.

However, if you already prefer a different stone – or your budget is limited – then there are alternatives. Ask at your local showroom about buying a smaller slab, or fitting a marble slab as a countertop inset. If you’re happy to work with a small piece of marble with an irregular shape, then you could even look at showroom remnants for a really cheap option.

Caring for marble countertops

One disadvantage of marble is that it can scratch or stain if you don’t treat it properly. Be careful not to use strong chemicals on your marble, and don’t leave any spills on the marble – clean them up immediately.

Use a soft cloth with warm water and dish soap to wash your marble countertop regularly. Never use bleach, vinegar, harsh chemical cleaners, steel wool or scourers. If you want to remove stains or scents, then you can use baking soda as an occasional cleaner.

Finally, if you plan to use your marble countertop a lot, consider getting a slab with a honed finish. Although it will look less glossy than a traditional marble finish, it will also be tougher and show fewer marks.

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