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How to maintain porcelain tiles

December 16, 2019

Porcelain tiles are a classic choice for flooring, kitchen and bathroom renovations. But what’s the best way to care for them, so they don’t lose their color and gloss? Follow these tips to maintain your porcelain tiles.

Clean regularly

Make sure you sweep or vacuum porcelain tiled floors at least once a week. You don’t want any dirt or dust to become embedded between the tiles!

Every one or two weeks, make the time to clean the tiles more thoroughly. Use a gentle solution of vinegar in warm water, and use a soft mop or cloth to wash over the tiles. Never use a stiff brush or steel wool – this could damage the grout between tiles, or even scratch the porcelain tiles themselves.

Don’t forget the grout

Grout is what holds your porcelain tiles in place. Some grout types – “cementitious” grout – will need sealing. Epoxy grouts don’t need sealing, but they should still be cleaned carefully.

Alternatively, you can use a grout stain. This will seal grout and cover up any existing marks, dyeing the grout a new color.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners which could damage the color or shine of your porcelain tiles. Ammonia or bleach-based cleaners will stain the grout, too.

Oil-based detergents and wax cleaners aren’t harsh, but they should still be avoided. Porcelain tiles have a natural gloss – and with wax or oil on the surface, they could become dangerously slippery.

Watch out for water spots

Porcelain tiles can resist stains and damp – but they will show marks from water spots. If tiles do get wet, dry them right away with a soft, fluffy cloth so that they keep their shine.

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