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Semi-precious stone countertops: what you need to know

October 29, 2019
semi precious stone countertop

We have a huge range of natural stones and colors in our brochure. But semi-precious stones are some of our most unusual – and unique – products. In today’s blog, we learn more about the pros and cons of semi-precious stone countertops.

What are semi-precious stones?

It’s right there in the name: semi-precious stones are glittering, colorful, and relatively rare stones. They add beauty and luxury to your home design, without the extreme price tag of precious gems like diamonds and emeralds.

However, not all semi-precious stones are the same. Our catalog runs the gamut from purple amethyst and deep blue lapis lazuli, to glowing golden tiger’s eye and silvery white quartz.

We also include some materials in this category which aren’t exactly stone – like petrified wood.

Pros and cons of semi-precious stones

Because every semi-precious stone is different, they all have different qualities. For example, agate is very hard, while a stone like lapis lazuli can be more delicate. Some semi-precious stones may also be vulnerable to heat.

That’s why it’s important to buy semi-precious stone countertops from a reputable dealer. In order to be safe and practical, semi-precious stone countertops need to be manufactured, sealed, and installed by experienced professionals.

However, every semi-precious stone is also uniquely beautiful. A semi-precious stone countertop is a home heirloom and a conversation piece that will last for years. If you’re looking for something different to complete your kitchen or bathroom design, then semi-precious stone is the way to go.

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