What does backlighting stone mean?

May 6, 2020
Backlighting stone

Do you follow us on Instagram? We love to share our latest projects, like this backlit slab of quartzite we shared recently.

In today’s blog, we’ll explain a little bit about backlighting stone and how to use it in your interior design.

Backlighting stone

What is backlighting?

Backlighting is a very simple idea. We use LED lights around, below and behind a slab of stone to illuminate it. The lighting makes the stone glow and shows up patterns and colors more clearly.

You can turn the lighting on and off to create a different ambience. In the design we shared above, you can even select different lighting colors and temperatures to change the mood and bring out different aspects of the stone.

As you might expect, backlighting works best with a translucent stone that can be cut very thin. For the design above, we used Canelyan quartzite.

How to use backlighting in interior design

We love this large-scale, wall hanging design – but there are lots of different ways to use backlit stone in interior design.

For example, you could hang smaller slabs of stone as statement pieces in kitchen or bathroom. You could backlight a stone countertop, or add some illumination to a sink backsplash.

Our catalog includes hundreds of different quartzite colors and patterns, so you can choose any design you wish. Onyx, glass, and other composite stone slabs are also popular.

Why not give us a call or visit our Delray Beach showroom to find out more?

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